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Spoon knife, created exactly to make left-handed whittling of round shapes such as spoons or bowls or any other comfortable. It is sent together with a stylish leather sheath for keeping the blade safe and sound. Sharpened before packaging, a high-carbon hardened razor will be perfect for any wooden material.

Knife’s shaft is oak, polished and pleasant to use, covered with natural oil for better preservation and more …

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Great hook knife with the right side edge for you to be able to carve easily any round shapes that can cross your mind. Oak handle, covered with natural oil, hardened steel compound of high-carbon that allows the instrument to be tough and easier honed.

This tool will work well with different wood types and let you enjoy kuksa or bowl carving effortlessly. Since …

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Left side edge makes this tool incredibly powerful for all the lefties out there. It’ll be perfect for you to whittle kuksas or spoons with it without suffering all the discomfort of working with the right sided tools.

It’s got a wooden shaft made out of oak and covered with linseed oil as well as the extra-sharp razor of high-carbon steel. Pleasant to feel in hand, light but tough, you’ll enjoy the carving process with this hook knife. It …