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The stropping kit over here offers two individual buffing compounds in a complex with the leather strop.

The green paste works perfectly for polishing the razors so you will be happy to see your own reflection after stropping. The red paste is a little rougher and can be used for polishing as well as honing – making the blades smoother if there are any inconsistencies after a tough working period.

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A one sided stropping paddle which is meant to help comfortable sharpening and buffing processes while using a green paste attached as well. The extra paste for polishing will make the process much easier and more effective so for buffing it will be an indispensable helper.

You’ll savour the time of comfortably holding the leather strop and covering it with compound to get …

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This set has 3 individual polishing compounds and 1 leather strop that will allow you to do all the needed work with your instruments to reach perfection. This knife sharpener strop has two leather sides, one more smooth and one more rough. We want you to enjoy our knife strop made out of genuine leather and share the pleasure with your instruments – they will certainly like that treatment!

This polishing compound is used for polishing hard metals and alloys – stainless steel, hard alloys, cast iron. It is ideal for polishing of stones, glass and other nonmetals. The compound is aimed at finishing cutting tool parts and other elements that require high precision machining. This sharpening compound is perfect for polishing knife, sharpening knife, razors. The grain size of the M7 compound is 7-5 micron. The weight …

The polishing compound P2 is used to polish hard metals and alloys – stainless steel, hard alloys, and cast iron. It works well for polishing of stone, glass and other nonmetal. The compound is used for finishing cutting tool parts and other elements that require high precision machining. This sharpening compound is perfect for polishing knife, sharpening knife, razors. The grain size of the M7 compound is 7-5 micron. The weight of …

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A pouch for keeping your tools safe and sound, made out of genuine leather for your immense comfort and enjoyment from looking at it and using it. The pouch is smooth, practical and will fit 3 instruments of your choice so you can have this roll as a comfortable portable alternative for a toolbox.

Fit inside anything you might need for the next session of carving outside or in the woods, grab this genuine …

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This limited edition pouch will be perfectly suitable for all of your instruments that you want to keep close at hand while carving. Genuine leather, smooth and rich, will keep up to 8 tools perfectly safe and secure in their spots, while bringing you the joy of having everything close.

The genuine leather pouch in front of you is thick enough to contain sharp blades without getting ripped …

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Get ready for wooden spoon carving! This spoon carving blank is made from light and soft linden wood. It has an excellent shape, you just need to design and finish your artwork.

Having carved the workpiece, you can paint it, cover with varnish or natural oil. The wood carving blank is great both for beginners and professionals woodcarvers…

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Get your hands on a high-quality whittling set and make your woodcarving process easy and effortless. The wood block set consist of 4 small carving blocks and 1 large wood block. The wood is soft basswood (linden).

You can consider our wood block as a top quality whittling kit for beginners as well as for professionals. After carving the workpiece can be covered with paint, varnish or natural oil.…

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This kit of wood blocks gives you 10 pieces of the most beautiful basswood for experimenting and creating new exciting things. This kit has 2 sizes of wooden blocks so you’ll have an opportunity to get even more creative with the unusual sizes.

It is the softest basswood fitting for starters and knowledgeable carvers that will bring you joy while …

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BeaverCraft offers you an exclusive leather sheath for the hook knife. Don’t be afraid to get cut while pulling the knife out of the box because your bowl carving hooked carving knife has a carving knife sheath. Moreover, the blade knife sheath helps you to keep your knife with hook safe for a long time because it was made from the real leather.

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Leather sheath for drawknives that you see before you is thick enough to be safe but not dull the blade inside it. It is made to be safe and keep the razor secure so it has two press-studs to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Stylish and functional, it’s a great addition to your knives.

It will fit the knives measured 12×2 cm and the genuine leather will bring you pleasure while being …

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Apron made out of green durable sustainably sourced canvas, has a lot of different pockets to be comfortable for carving anywhere and having your tools with you. Cross-back straps make it easier on your neck so you can work all day long.

This apron is additionally supported by grommets and rivets so it will live longer and protect you and your …

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An apron made out of brown genuine leather will be thick enough to protect you while working and give you the coverage that you need to secure your clothes. It has pockets so you’ll be able to have all the instruments required close at hand.

Smooth texture of the leather will not be too heavy on your body so it’ll present you with an opportunity to …

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An apron before you has been made out of the combination of brown and black genuine leather. Brown leather is the material for the bigger part of the apron whereas the black leather emphasizes the pockets and straps of the apron.

Having big pockets is important for any equipment that you want to wear while working – having all …

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Apron out of a brown canvas with leather pieces on pockets as well as at the top of apron. It is fluid-resistant so it won’t be difficult to wash the dirt, grease or paint off of it and it will protect your clothes.

The apron isn’t too tight, it won’t restrict your movements but will be a good additional pair of hands – having pockets is greatly important for a workshop’s apron since it holds the needed instruments close. With …