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BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife SK1L for Carving Spoons Kuksa Bowls and Cups Spoon Carving Tools Basic Crooked Knife for Professional Spoon Carvers and Beginners (Left-Handed Hook Knife)

⭐️ LEFT-HANDED HOOK KNIFE: Designed specifically for wood spoon carving, green woodworking, carving bowl, cup, kuksa and similar concave shapes or need a rounded edge to add some detail to your wood carving project. Spoon carving hook knife has been optimized for quick accurate cuts and to allow effective edge engagement and adequate hand clearance. On this product page you can buy only Left-Handed Hook Knife, if you need a right-handed one, check the other product page that is right next to it.

⭐️ HIGH-QUALITY CARBON STEEL BLADE OF HOOK KNIFE: The blade of the hook carving knife is made of high-carbon steel and is hardened to proper firmness. The crooked knife for bowl carving is sharpened and polished so you can use carving spoon with curved knife right from the box. We stand by our green woodworking tools quality, so you’ll get all the necessary information about our whittling tools and appropriate help also.

⭐️ CUTTING EDGE is very sharp, which allows you to cut soft wood. The cuts are very smooth and shiny. The cutting edge of hook knives are durable to cut hardwoods such as oak or walnut.

⭐️ ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The outdoor spoon knife handle is made of hardwood oak and processed with natural linseed oil. The ergonomic design of the handle allows having a long period of comfortable wood carving without hand fatigue. Finally we’ve got Left-Handed Hook Knife on Amazon.

⭐️ BEST GIFT FOR EVERYONE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH WOOD SPOON CARVING: Spoon carving hook knife is created to address the needs of the amateurs and professional woodcarvers. It is appreciated by many beginners in wood carving and professional woodworkers. “5 Easy steps to sharpen hook knife” and “How to sharpen the woodcarving knife”, “How to prevent the knives from the rust” – FREE eBooks!

Product code: SK1L

Whittle Away with BeaverCraft
WHAT IS BEAVERCRAFT? BeaverCraft – is a company manufacturing and selling wood carving tools (READ stress relief tools).

Two friends got to know about wood carving, started carving spoons and in a few years (to be more specific in 2014) came to the idea that they could make some good tools.

WHAT GOAL DOES BEAVERCRAFT FOLLOW? To help as many people as possible to dive into the wonderful world of wood carving without breaking the bank.

WHERE IS BEAVERCRAFT? Tools are manufactured in the country overflowing with beautiful landscapes – Ukraine (which is located in eastern Europe).

SK1 spoon carving knife was one of the first models we made. We figured out that it’s much easier to get started with spoon carving then, for example, chip carving.

Our SK1 hook knife is designed exactly for beginners. While even an advanced wood carver can put it to a good use. Take a look at some features below:

HANDLE. It feels great in the hand due to ergonomic handle made out of oak covered with linseed oil. This one is a Left-Handed Spoon Knife. For the right handed knife scroll down and get one from the comparison table.

BLADE. The blade is curved they way it hollows out the bowl easily. It’s made of high carbon steel hardened to the proper firmness.

PROJECTS. SK1 spoon carver covers the huge range of projects: kuksas, bowls, spoons, cups.

FUNCTIONS. It allows to make rounded cuts and hollow out the bowl.

WOOD. BeaverCraft hook knife works great for both soft- and hardwood. So you’ll get no issues.

NO PRELIMINARY STROPPING NEEDED. What’s more important it comes razor sharp so you’ll need to do any preliminary stropping. Just start carving your first spoon when you get it out of the box.

FREE eBOOKS. You’ll be emailed after purchase with eBooks on “5 Easy steps to sharpen hook knife” and “How to sharpen the woodcarving knife”, “How to prevent the knives from the rust”.

TUTORIALS. We share wood carving tutorials on regular basis on social media. But unfortunately we can’t provide you the links here due to Amazon policy. So if you’d seem to be interested in getting some tips and tricks on spoon carving, whittling and chip carving, search for BeaverCraft on the Internet. Plus we have a big community over there. So you’d be able to have a good talk and get a nice piece of advice.

Click the orange button and start making spoons with the quality hook carving knife!