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P2 – Big Polishing Compound M7

The polishing compound P2 is used to polish hard metals and alloys – stainless steel, hard alloys, and cast iron. It works well for polishing of stone, glass and other nonmetal. The compound is used for finishing cutting tool parts and other elements that require high precision machining. This sharpening compound is perfect for polishing knife, sharpening knife, razors. The grain size of the M7 compound is 7-5 micron. The weight of one piece is 45-50 grams.

Product code: P2

How to use polishing compound:
The polishing compound is applied to the polishing sponge with a gentle touch on the circle during rotation. When polishing the item, press it slightly to the polishing pad. The polishing compound should be applied to the entire surface of the leather. When erasing and fading from leather, you should renew the layer of compound.

Also you can apply polishing compound on leather strop and polish blade of the knives, chisels, planers and razors.